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About Cara Edwards

Founder of My Yoga Connection

E-RYT 200hr 

Born and raised in North Central Florida, Cara has been practicing and teaching Yoga for 10 years now (E-RYT 200hr). Cara believes that Yoga is for every-BODY and that the time we take for ourselves is sacred. Cara's classes seamlessly weave together creative sequencing with thoughtful alignment and connection to the breath. With a modern approach to Yoga Philosophy themed into classes students also learn tools to take their practice off the yoga mat. Beyond anything else, Cara invites participants to create a sturdy foundation in their practice; A welcoming & safe space they can always receive from.


Although Yoga consumes most of my life- outside of yoga I'm a dog lover, healthy eater, a self-proclaimed amazing chef in the kitchen, hiker extroadinare, fish in the water, nature wanderer, rainbow seeker, barefoot walker, goofball, gardener, and believer in unicorns.

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