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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

See something you like?

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Sun Warrior

Plant-Based Proteins & Superfood Supplements

I've been using Sun Warrior Superfoods for a long time and can guarantee they are the best & cleanest source for plant based protein powders & superfood supplements.

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Harvest Hosts

Do you have an RV, Travel Trailer, or Camper Van? You have got to get a Harvest Hosts Membership! With a super affordable membership you get to park your home on wheels at Wineries, Breweries, Farms, and way more cool places all over the country! I LOVE getting to camp at a peaceful quiet winery versus a noisy campground & getting to do wine tastings while camping feels so fancy! I could go on & on at how much I love having a Harvest Host Membership. Get 15% off your membership with my special discount code:

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Berkey Water Filters

What's in your drinking water? If you're looking for THE BEST water filter on the market - Berkey is IT! I've had my Berkey for over 10 years now and have taken it with me everywhere I go - At Home, Camping Trips, Festivals, and now in our RV on the road - we always have the best & safest filtered water!

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