Happy 2019!

Happy 2019! Cara here. I’ve got big plans (as usual) for this year. How about you? Something I’m wanting to do more of this year is share. Share more of who I am. Share more of the work that I’m doing. My struggles. My lessons. My triumphs and failures. I’ll most likely share some food and dogs pics here and there. I see these things coming so easily to others. And have taken time to figure out why sharing, on social media, does NOT come so easily to me. In short, social media has not felt like a safe space to share more of myself. There’s so much hate, judgment, and straight up mean people on here. For someone, like myself, on a path of healing deep traumas – the so often hate filled atmosphere of social media can so often be the antithesis of self-care. I know there are a lot of other people with me on that one.

It’s always been important to me, as a teacher, to only teach what I know – What I know deep down in my bones. Perhaps, more importantly, to never teach others something I don’t know. And, lately I’ve felt a deep knowing that it’s time to share more of these new layers unfolding on my healing journey. That there are new bone deep understandings that may be of benefit to others working through their own struggles. Because, let’s be real, we are all struggling somewhere along the struggle spectrum. And, how beautiful we’ve all been given the opportunity here to support each other. This space needs more of that. More authentic voices sharing honestly what we’re all going through and what we’re learning along the way. So that we can all see just how similar and connected we all are. So that, together, we can all feel a little safer to share what’s going on in our hearts. So that nobody has to do this alone.

The path to healing and doing the hard work of working through trauma is not an easy one to say the least. It’s a challenging journey where your body, mind, and heart are pushed to the most uncomfortable new directions. It’s a delicate and sensitive process to learn what triggers you and how to work with it. To stop ignoring the messages your body is constantly trying to communicate to you. To learn how to calm versus numb and become aware of the difference. To change patterns of behavior that have served in the past but don’t anymore. To continue to reassess and check & balance. Please, let me not be the first to say, that this shit is hard as fuck. Yet while it may be hard as fuck, I’ve learned in an unshakable sense that – it is NEVER impossible…for anyone to make the, often tough, choice to walk the path of healing our traumas.

It is my hope that the more I share the more you will feel empowered to do the same. That’s how this life thing works. As I learn, you learn. As you learn, I learn. I’m privileged to have always known my soul purpose in this life is to help people find their wholeness. I’ve been holding myself back from this soul purpose, at least in the big crazy world of social media. Which is how the majority of people communicate these days. So if I’m to be of help to others, I have to communicate in ways that others can receive.

For me, this sometimes means taking time away from social media (and other triggering sources) to find my own wholeness again. Day by day. To honor my trauma and do the scary shadow work. To gain a sense of security and safety within. To fill my cup. To do the hard thing. To establish boundaries. To create what was once impossible time to truly take care of my body, mind, and heart. So that I could arrive, once again, to an unwavering sense of self to continue the work I’m here to do. As I learn, you learn. As you learn, I learn. Together we walk each other home. Let this be the year for these kinds of connections here.